1st HSSA National Surf Tour 2018

The first official Greek Surf Contest was held - qualification for the World Surf Championship

The first official Greek Surf Contest was held in Paleochora, Chania, on Sunday 25/3, marking the start of the 1st HSSA National Surf Tour 2018. This particular contest counted in the final score of the annual Tour and of course constituted the official qualification for the Greek athlete who is going to represent our country at the World Surf Championship organized by the International Surfing Association(ISA).

First place was held by the athlete Nikolas Plytas, who will be present at ISA World Surfing Games 2018 that will take place on September 15-22, 2018, in Tahara, Japan.

A total of 16 HSSA members participated in the game, with Nicolas Plytas, Costas Kostopoulos, Leonidas Oikonomidis and Alexandros Fatseas reaching the final and winning the top four positions respectively. The contests regulations and how they were conducted were done in accordance with ISA's regulations. The judges included Stavros Argyros, Manolis Katsarakis, Maria Zacharopoulou - ISA judges - and Head Judge was Jay Kohn, official judge of ISA.

HSSA (Hellenic Sup & Surf Association) is the only representative of ISA (International Surfing Association) in Greece.


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