HSSA contributes on the KIDS Summer Camps of the Municipality of Voula-Varkiza-Vouliagmeni

The summer programs of the SportsOrganization for Culture and Child Education (OPAPA) on the Municipality of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni were successfully completed. The "Summer Sports and Creative Activities 2018" addressed children aged 6 to 12 and took place in June and July 2018 at the beautiful beach of Varkiza https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rHYZk7wRthJuJBXhrBY5lbGT4SV44yGS/view
HSSA credited with its primary role, which is no other than the dissemination and development of the SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), participated in the sporting activities of the Municipality of Voula-Varkiza-Vouliagmeni.
Members of Hellenic Surf &Sup Association and board were found on Varkiza beach and provided basic knowledge, enjoyable experience and many smiles to children of all ages who participated in the camps. The goal was to first come in touch with the board, balance and experience the correct use of the paddle for the first "plunge" with the board.
This first contact with the sport of SUP is believed to have happily spread the "virus" of the sport and the game, since children and organizers have shown total satisfaction with our contribution. Our commitment is that this was a first step and our presence is given in subsequent camps.
Main help in our activity is as always, BIC and FUNSPORTS, sponsors of HSSA for 2018. Their equipment helped our presence in the camps of OAPPA.
Special Thanks to our members Matoula Chelmi, Marinella El Kahi, Tasos Galanis, Petros Frontistis and Ilias Vlavianos for their valuable aid.