To honorable Members of HSSA and friends of SUP


We want to bring to your urgent attention the situation in Portugal and the latest efforts by ICF to undermine the ISA’s historic governance and authority over Stand Up Paddle (SUP).

You are well informed from of our past communications on this subject and the ICF’s efforts to lay claim to SUP. In fact, ICF is now trying another coup to take over SUP - this time in Portugal. Allied with the National Canoe Federation of Portugal, the ICF has announced the hosting of a so-called SUP world championship in Portugal in late August.

According to Portuguese Law, the organization of such championships needs to be authorized by the Portuguese Surfing Federation, as it is the federation officially responsible for running Stand Up Paddle in Portugal. As the organizers have not received the authorization from the Portuguese Surfing Federation to run this event, such championships are actually illegal now and should not happen as scheduled. For now, the Portuguese Surfing Federation has lodged a preventive injunction before the Portuguese Courts to prohibit the organization of these so-called championships put forward by the ICF together with the Portuguese Canoe Federation. This shall be followed by formal legal action by the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

This ISA is fully supportive of the actions by the Portuguese Surfing Federation to defends its role as the official SUP governing body in Portugal.

HSSA is obliged to inform all athletes and members with the following issues:

The aforementioned "World Championship" SUP in Portugal at the end of August announced by ICF (International Canoe Federation) has never been authorised or recognized by ISA and is therefore not recognized by the HSSA. Anyone who decides to participate in this should be aware that all he does is helping ICF's collusive efforts to undermine SUP management by ISA in the distant future.

It seems that HSSA can not and does not intend to prohibit anyone from participating in this so-called World Championship, but reserves the right to exercise any legitimate right, even to invoke international, European and Greek law if necessary in order to protect its interests.

HSSA strongly urges its athletes and friends not to take part in this event by demonstrating solidarity with the only legitimate ISA representative in Greece and the ultimate goal of remaining SUP's sport in the ISA administration.

In conclusion, to the athletes who constitute in 2018 or will in the coming years the Greek missions at ISA World Championships SUP and Surf, the only recognized Federation for these sports by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) or other championships under the aegis of the ISA, we announce that if they take part in the forthcoming event in Portugal, any other ICF event and/or their qualifiers will NOT be included in 2018 and for the next two years (2 years) mission to the ISA World Championships and events.