LEVEL 1 SURF Instructor course

HSSA organizes a LEVEL 1 SURF Instructor course in 2018. The period of the seminar is mid to late October 2018 and possible dates are October 13-14 or October 20-21. The seminar is a two-day seminar and instructor is ISA's International Presenter, Mr. Alessandro Dini.

The proposed site is the western coastline of the Peloponnese and more specifically Kakovatos, a spot near Zacharo. It is a region that has a higher probability of swell, which is necessary for the proper conduct of the seminar.

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HSSA has already taken action to offer travel and accommodation offers to participants in the seminar. The exact cost of participating in the seminar will be determined after concluding to the number of entries. For this purpose, it is necessary Declaration of interest.

Upon completion of the seminar, all participants are included in the lists with a certificate of attendance. In order to be certified Instructors by ISA, they are required to:

  1. In an one-year period, they have to complete 20 hours of teaching to others under the supervision of a designated ISA supervising coach. If a 1-year period has elapsed since the date of the seminar and a prospective trainer fails to complete these 20 hours, then he / she is required to resume the tutorial. More details on the subject will be given during the seminar.
  1. They have to acquire lifesaving / water safety diploma. More information on this topic will be posted shortly.

Upon completion of the above, the participants now belong to ISA-certified surf instructors. To maintain the validity of this certification, it is necessary the annual renewal on the ISA website: