Hellenic Surfing Games 2020

Hellenic Surf & SUP Association (HSSA), the sole representative in Greece of the International Surfing Association (ISA) that is recognized by the International Olympic Committee, hereby announces events that will give the right of representation and participation at the forthcoming ISA World Surfing Games in Japan, to a select few athletes that will be given the opportunity to advance through the said games.

The selection process aims to serve meritocracy and relies on observing the value of equal opportunities. The Hellenic Surfing Games, under the auspices of ISA will take place within the period of February 20th and April 10th 2020 and will consist of two separate contests.

One contest will be held at Chania, Crete and the other one at Parga, Epirus. The two events will be held depending on the weather forecast within the months of February through April, on weekends only, and will be announced at least 48 hours beforehand with a final confirmation at least 24 hours in advance.

The participants that advance through both events of the Hellenic Surfing Games 2019 will claim their right to participate at the World Surfing Games organized by ISA (International Surfing Association) in May 2020 (to be announced soon)

Right of participation

All HSSA members have the right to participate at the events irrespective of their age and sex.

Tests and Judging Criteria

The participants will be called upon to show their skills on Shortboard wave riding.

*The judges will be ISA certified and scoring will be taken down.

Rules of Competition 

The contest rules and procedures of the events will be in line with the I.S.A. (International Surfing Association):


The divisions at which the athletes will compete are the following two:

  • Open Men
  • Open Women

In both announced events, a minimum of 4 participants need to compete, in order for a division to stand.

Registration / Entry Process

For registration purposes, each participant should:

  • Up to a day before the first of the two events. become a member of HSSA or renew their membership with HSSA, i.e. their annual membership status to be active and financially settled, via the HSSA webpage (*membershipεγγραφη/)
  • Register on the above link Sign up
  • Up to a day before each event, after having properly filled out and signed the Solemn Declaration form, send the said form to the email address The Solemn Declaration form will be uploaded at the HSSA webpage along with the preliminary call for entries of each event.
  • Children under the age of seventeen (17) MUST submit their guardian’s express signed consent, which is to be electronically sent to the email address along with their guardian’s membership signup or renewal with HSSA.

On the day of each event, the athletes will be only called upon to show up at the on-site check-in.

Right of Representation at the ISA World Surfing Games

  • Only active HSSA members that are Greek passport holders or hold a national identification card issued by the Greek government have the right of representation.

Format of Events

  • The top three (3) male athletes and the top three (3) female athletes that will score the highest overall ratings from both events shall claim the right of participation at the ISA World Surfing Games. In case of refusal or failure to participate at the national team, an athlete’s right of representation shall NOT be passed upon to the next seeded athletes. Where the top third and fourth athlete have, according to the sum of BOTH events scoring, finished with the exact same overall rating, then the right of representation shall be assigned to the athlete with the highest rated event amongst the two of them. Otherwise, in case of a draw, the best scoring wave will decide the right of representation.
  • Όλοι οι αθλητές που θα κερδίσουν το δικαίωμα συμμετοχής στα ISA World Surfing Games 2020, θα συμμετέχουν στην αποστολή με δικά τους έξοδα. Σε περίπτωση που η ΠΑΝΕΟΣΚ δύναται να διαθέσει χρηματικό ποσό, αυτό θα μοιραστεί ισόποσα στα μέλη της αποστολής.


Athletes may be asked to wear/stick/carry advertising material and its use may be obligatory in order for them to compete.


The top three (3) athletes of each division will receive a prize.

Daily Games Schedule

Same will be announced depending on the weather/surf forecast.


* The above notice may be altered at any time.